Background Corporate Information

Guaranteed Express, Inc. a Delaware Corporation, was founded in 1988 as a local same day courier/freight service. The Company now specializes in local and national same-day delivery and logistics management. Guaranteed Express’ corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California in the heart of the Silicon Valley, home to such Fortune 500 leaders as Intel Corp, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle Corp, just to name a few. The Company’s operational and executive management possess over seventy-five years of industry and related experience and have expertise in a wide variety of fields ranging from same-day courier service to air and ground freight and full-service third party logistics management.

Some of the Company’s recent achievements include:

In a recent survey of their customers, Guaranteed Express was pleased to find that there customer satisfaction ratings exceeded 96% overall. The Company attributes this success to several factors. Both building the necessary infrastructure and critical business processes to facilitate growth and assembling a team of key individuals to manage the growth have been vital to the company’s success. Guaranteed Express is also a member of the California Chamber of Commerce and several of the most reputable professional trade associations in the industry. These include:

M.C.A.A. – Messenger Courier Association of the Americas

A.M.C.S. – Association of Messenger and Courier Services